Scorpio and Leo: A Scorpio Perspective (2021)

Leo and Scorpio compatibility.Picture of lion love

Why are Scorpios attracted to Leo?

Leo and Scorpio compatibility is a popular topic in the "sun sign" community of astrology. With Leo's strong personality and natural leadership skills, they're able to understand the tough side of Scorpio. They also can bring out Scorpio's softer side with their generosity and gentle nature, one of many reasons why Scorpio falls for Leo. 


What do Scorpios bring to a relationship with Leo?


Scorpios are determined and patient. They won't give up on something they want, even if it takes years to accomplish because they believe that their hard work will pay off in the end. Scorpio is also great at protecting and defending what is dear to them.

Fire and Ice

Scorpio and Leo: Fixed Fire & Ice

Scorpio is a fixed water sign known for its ability to dive deep into the depths of emotion. Water signs are known to be emotional, intuitive, empathetic, and sympathetic to others' needs; Although Scorpio is a water element, it is sometimes known as ice or a glacier, indicating the emotional intensity beneath the surface.

Fixed signs are often associated with contentment in life. Yet, Scorpio and Leo are not content with just being happy and satisfied with what they have; Scorpio, in particular, wants to feel all of the emotions-the good and the bad. However, they often can become so consumed by their past that they overlook their potential.


Leo is a fixed fire sign. Fire signs are creative, imaginative, energetic, and passionate. Although they are elemental opposites, they still attract each other, but why? The Scorpio complements Leo's innovative and creative qualities, while the Leo supports Scorpios' emotional need for affection. It is this intimacy, in turn, that fulfills both partners with what they lack from one another, creating a whole equipoise-complementary relationship.

Lion and hearts. Gray hearts and Lion love

Leo & Scorpio Emotions

Leo and Scorpio are both stubborn and how they handle their emotions is the main area in which they differ. The way they deal with emotion can either bring them together or drive them further apart. For example, when Leo feels positive and good, they want to share their happiness with everyone around them; it's difficult for them to keep it inside. On the other hand, Scorpio keeps their feelings inside until they have worked through them and understand how they feel. When Scorpio does feel happy, there is no need for anyone else to know about it. They're comfortable keeping their private life private.


The trouble comes when a Leo gets a glimpse into the Scorpio's inner world and sees something they don't understand. It could be that they've been hurt or even witnessed a traumatic experience, which they've kept bottled inside. A distant Scorpio can make Leo feel uncomfortable, unsettled as they want to help, but there is no way to do so if Scorpio refuses to open up. It can also be confusing for Leo when Scorpio tries to cover up their emotions with a joke.


The friendly nature of Leo could cause inner turmoil in Scorpio, leaving them seething with jealousy.


Leo loves attention, and they can't get enough of being noticed. Leo's are self-confident, and this causes others to gravitate towards them. They love it, even more when others appreciate them for the person they are, which is why consistent acknowledgment from their partner is like their daily cup of coffee. If Leos don't get enough appreciation, they start to feel rejected and may look for attention from others.


Scorpio can be highly jealous as they hate sharing their partner's attention with someone else. They would rather be alone than put up with a flirting partner or showing affection to someone they find attractive. If Scorpio feels jealous, they will try to suppress it or use sarcasm to cover it up; either way, repressing it causes it to come out abruptly, often at the worst times.

Erotic zodiac scorpio love

Leo & Scorpio Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo have an intense sensual chemistry that is apparent in the bedroom and their everyday life. Scorpios are always trying to learn new things about their Leo, even the tiny details like what time they prefer for breakfast each morning or how many times they would want sex. And while some may see this as nearly obsessive behavior, Leos love every second of being studied so closely by someone who cares deeply for them.


When they're making love - it feels like nothing else matters but themselves, which can be both liberating and neglectful of others' needs outside of this world where only these two lovers exist within one another.

Achieving balance and harmony within a relationshiop with Leo and Scorpio

Leo & Scorpio: Achieving Balance Within the Relationship

The Leo and Scorpio relationship is a passionate one. These two could find it challenging to balance their intense passion with the need for independence. They are both assertive and will spend significant amounts of time pursuing their goals and achieving them, leading to feelings of resentment if they feel like their partner is slipping into passive mode. To have a successful relationship, they both need to give each other the space they require to pursue their goals.


Scorpios and Leos are both very passionate, so it's best when they have partners who bring out the best in them. Together they can find balance by appreciating each other's nature. It is not wise for them to be selfish or possessive with each other.

Leo and Scorpio communication compatibility

Leo & Scorpio Communication

As in all relationships, communication is the key to success. What often happens is that Leo & Scorpio may not always be on the same page in terms of getting things done. Leo may not understand why Scorpio doesn't speak up about what they want, while Scorpio feels like they already said enough.


One needs to be moving around and doing things, while the other moves through life with caution. The lion has lots of energy for all their projects, but he may not have enough time or patience to deal with Scorpio's emotions.


The Scorpio and the Leo are both very passionate in their ways, but they have different approaches to showing that. They may be able to ignore each other's faults for a long time, but eventually, they will butt heads over something so petty it would never even bat an eyelid if any other two people said or did the same thing.

They should remain true to themselves and understand that there is a middle ground between their opinions and feelings.

 Key considerations with Leo and Scorpio compatibility

Key Considerations on Leo from Scorpio's Perspective

1) Leos love to be heard

2) Leos love drama, so they may get bored with what seems like mundane discussions for more reserved water signs. Leos tend to be attracted to a confident and charismatic Scorpio who can take charge of the relationship;

3) Good communication is key in a relationship; however, Leos are usually very expressive while sometimes not giving their partners enough time to respond, which could frustrate them or make them feel overlooked;

4) Both elements need love but in different forms. Leos tend to need more attention and affection, while Scorpios are perfectly fine with a subtle kiss on the forehead as they do not like being smothered

 Leo and Scorpio conclusion


In conclusion, Leos and Scorpios are a fiery match. They want to be able to thrive in their personal space and need outlets for their emotions. It is always best to speak about your feelings as they come rather than allowing them to turn into resentment. How's your experience been with your Leo or Scorpio? Let us know in the comments below!

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Im a leo and my wife is a Scorpio and some of those things are very true but we have learned to work hard at not getting upset about little things. Always look at the reason your mad or fighting about something and most of the time its petty then drop it to get past it it is really wild with with her and a lot of fun we have been married for 17 years and lived with each other for another 4 years before we got married so A long time. I love my woman and I have my very own spy my scorpio wife

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