Leo & Scorpio: A Scorpio Perspective

Leo and Scorpio are two signs that hit it off well as friends. Leo relates to Scorpio's views but also share their stubbornness. However, as friends disagreements only serve to strengthen their bond. Leo is a vibrant, playful, and creative vibe. They garner attention from their persona, accomplishments, or brute honesty.

Scorpio and Leo are not generally seen as an excellent match for each other, but with the effort, they can make things work. Scorpio would need to overcome Leo's stubborn ways, which can come across childish to Scorpio. When a Leo cannot win an argument with words, they may resort to the silent treatment, irking Scorpio to no end because they thrive on the attention received from their loved one. If "cut-off" games are being played, expect for Scorpio to win. Scorpio would need to learn how to pull strings from behind the scene. They will also need to possess thick skin for Leo's when they roar. Lastly, Scorpio's temperament needs to be entirely under control the majority of the time, or Leo's passive-aggressive nature will drive Scorpio insane.

Loyalty and commitment to friends are some of the traits Scorpio enjoys about Leo. Leo despises fake people and gravitates towards authenticity. Leos enjoy flattery and being charmed, making them a better match for air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius). If there is some air in the Scorpios chart, particularly venus or mercury, things may mesh a little smoother. However, one would need to compare both charts of the couples to get a less generalized compatibility reading.

Nonetheless, Leo will be more inclined to gravitate toward an established Scorpio. They respect authentic leadership who have real stats to back up their position. Leo is also great with children. They enjoy raising kids into healthy, capable adults who can fend for themselves.

Leo is a sign that values independence, leadership, and commanderies. The lack of attention a Scorpio receives from a Leo may be somewhat of an issue if Leo's demands exceed what Scorpio can offer. Lack of support from Leo will create friction and may lead to both parties looking satisfaction outside of each other. Some give-and-take will be essential if this pair plans on going the distance.

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