The Power of Amethyst

Amethyst stones


Amethyst is a perfect choice if you're looking to add a new stone into your spiritual arsenal. Amethysts resonate with healing and peace qualities—the first crystal I ever purchased was an amethyst that helped me visualize more clearly while meditating. Amethyst helps bring our bodies into a state of divine balance, which helps us heal emotionally and physically. Today I will explore the amethyst crystal and how it can be of assistance with healing.

Amethyst in a bowl

What is Amethyst?

The purple variety of quartz is known as amethyst, and its name derives from the ancient Greek word "amethustos," which means "not drunk." The stone was said to prevent drunkenness and used for protection against evil spirits and witchcraft. Amethyst crystals have been known to stimulate creativity and intuition while promoting balance in one's life.

Amethysts are usually found in igneous rocks, like those produced by volcanic lavas.

The color of amethyst is due mainly to the trace elements it contains, such as iron and manganese. The more iron it has, the darker and richer the color will be.

Amethyst is a unique crystal that can be found in many different shapes and sizes. While some pieces are small enough to fit into your palm, others could easily stand on their own with a height measure up to several feet!

Amethyst bowl for healing

What are some other benefits of amethyst?

In addition to preventing drunkenness, amethysts can also help with insomnia, as said to help alleviate nightmares. It can also be used to help reduce fevers in the body and ease mood swings. It has been used to treat addictions such as alcoholism, smoking, or drug use.

Amethyst is an excellent stone for meditation due to its high spiritual energy and calming qualities: it helps balance the heart and third eye chakras, enabling us to feel in tune with our innate wisdom and recognize that we are always connected to the Divine.

Amethyst Lore & History

Amethyst: Lore & History

The story of the amethyst crystal is ancient, dating back to Greek times. This connection with Bacchus explains its significance to the god:

Once long ago, a girl went to the temple of Diana for worship. However, one day she just so happened to cross paths with the god of wine, Bacchus. Bacchus was already upset about something else, and he told himself he would take revenge on the next person he came across. When Bacchus noticed the poor girl, he and unleashed his two guardian tigers upon her. As the great beasts bounded towards the helpless girl, the goddess, Diana intervened. Diana was a goddess whose primary domains were hunting, the woods, children and childbirth, fertility, chastity, and the moon. She also held dominion over wild animals. Diana spared the girl from her terrible fate by turning her into a pure, clear stone.

Immediately, Bacchus was filled with regret. He poured his wine over the stone to atone for his actions, staining the crystal a deep, violet hue. And so, the girl amethyst lent her name to the crystal.


Amethyst and the chakras


Amethyst and Chakras

Amethyst is associated with the third eye chakra, which is responsible for intuition and creativity. The amethyst crystal is also linked to the crown chakra, which is the seat of our intuition, creative and cosmic awareness.

Amethyst is commonly used by shamans to activate the spiritual energy point of intuition called the third eye chakra, brow chakra, or Anja chakra. It is also said to protect against psychic attacks for this reason.

The third eye chakra is a powerful spiritual seat that connects the physical body to enlightenment. That's why amethyst, one of many different meditation tools in use today, is often used as a way for individuals to commune with their higher self and achieve an increased state of awareness.

Amethyst crystal clusters

Different Ways to Use Amethyst Crystals

The following are some different uses for amethysts:

-Grounding. Amethysts emit a grounding and calming energy, which is helpful when you need to feel more connected to the earth.

-Place an amethyst stone under your pillow at night for a good night's rest.

-Combine one or more stones of differing energies and attributes to blend their qualities.

- Carry a small crystal in your pocket for protection from negativity, or hang them in the car.

-Hold an amethyst while meditating for healing and spiritual guidance. Holding one before meditation is a good idea, but keeping it during the day can also have beneficial effects on your thoughts.

- If you're getting ready to do some work that requires a lot of concentration, the amethyst crystal is said to improve focus.

-Amethyst wands are often used by healers to activate the brow chakra (third eye)

Amethyst birthstone

Amethyst As a birthstone

Amethyst is the birthstone for February, otherwise known as the month of purification. So, if you are born under the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces, your stone is Amethyst (Although Pisces could also have Aquamarine as their birthstone.) However, it is suitable for virtually all signs of the zodiac.

Amethyst color purple

Color in Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most popular gems with a wide range of colors. The purple color of this crystal is symbolic of spirituality. Amethyst is the most popular type of naturally colored quartz. Its magical purple color has been greatly admired since antiquity. The reason for the color of amethyst is still not completely clear. Today, it is generally accepted that its purple hue results from iron ions within the mineral quartz crystal lattice. 

Amethyst cleaning

When and Why To Cleanse Amethyst

Crystals are all different and can be used in different ways to work on people. Crystals generally need to be recharged and cleansed after use. Cleansing your amethyst will provide you with significant insights if it is used as a meditation aid. To cleanse your crystal, first, hold it in your hands and visualize a white light flowing into the stone from above, cleansing it of any negative vibrations. Then set it outside under the sun for several hours to recharge.

You can also recharge an amethyst by running cold water over it for several minutes. It can also be soaked in sea salt or rock saltwater for 24 hours to cleanse and strengthen the stone.

third eye chakra connected to amethyst

Amethyst Associations

Third Eye Chakra

Crown Chakra



Holding amethyst conclusion


Amethyst is a powerful healing crystal that has been used throughout history. It enhances spirituality, emotional balance, and creativity. The benefits of amethyst are numerous, including enhancing intuition, psychic awareness, and dream recall and providing protection against negative energies.

The best way to experience all these benefits is by incorporating amethyst crystals into your daily routine, using or wearing one in jewelry form on your body (such as around the neck). If you're looking for more information about using this potent stone effectively or want to purchase one today, 

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