Capricorn & Scorpio: A Scorpios Perspective

Capricorn, the tenth sign in the zodiac, is considered to be one of the most productive ambitious signs in the zodiac. Being an earth sign ruled by Saturn, their commitment to their responsibilities drive them to aim high. Capricorn respects others who set goals for themselves and always eager to learn and lend a hand.

The symbol for Capricorn is The Seagoat. A Seagoat is a mythical creature whose top half consists of the body of a goat and the lower half of a fish (see image below). The top half represents the grounded nature of an earth sign while the lower portion represents the spiritual and matters of the heart.

The world of passion, esoteric, and spiritual concepts fascinate Capricorn, and an individual who can practically incorporate these concepts will catch the eye of Capricorn every time. Scorpio is one of those signs that encapsulates passion and emotion. Sensitive but responsive to the world around them, Scorpios learn to balance their raging sea of emotion and use it intuitively to influence their environment. The power in influence attracts Capricorn, and it is no wonder why when Saturn is considered to be its ruler.

Scorpio & Capricorn can be a harmonious couple or a turbulent one depending on where the individual is mentally and emotionally. Capricorn can be incredibly stubborn when it comes to their goals, anything that gets in the way of that will create friction with them. Scorpio needs to be heard and respected in a relationship. Capricorn will respect Scorpios independence and respond with complete and utter submission, so much for that conservative mask they put on for the world.


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