The Scorpion & The Crab : A Scorpio's Perspective


Scorpio and Cancer energy is symbiotic, they feed off of each other and intrigue each other to no end. Cancer has some commonalities with fires signs that make them incredibly easy to warm up to (especially if you have air in your chart), this can be attributed to their love for conversation and talking. Whether they are complaining about a friend or crying over spilled milk Cancer energy is a sign Scorpio cannot get enough, through better or worse. Today I am going to explore a few reasons why Cancer and Scorpio energy complement each other and also some reasons how this combination can be toxic to each other.


Cancer is a cardinal sign, which is why they share some common traits with fire signs like being energetic, outgoing, and initiating. However, these common qualities are not expressed in the same way as fire energy. Cancer's energies are more focused on the home environment, and areas relating to the family. Though Cancers are prone to the same procrastination that plagues water signs, they are the ones motivated by their innate need to get to know those around them and make them feel comfortable. They are keeping in touch with family, organizing events, and creating a comfortable homely atmosphere. Scorpio wants to feel at home with whomever they are around. Vibes that make them uneasy cause them to become unknowingly rude and awkward (especially, if there is air in the chart). Cancers chatty and open nature is one reason Scorpio clicks with Cancers so easily. Scorpio has a tough exterior that Cancers quickly recognize and break down.


The moon is the exoteric ruler of Cancer. The moon symbolizes our emotions and points towards areas that bring a sense of emotional security. Cancer tends to be overly critical of themselves when they allow their insecurities to fester. Overly sensitive and quick to defend themselves against the judgment of others, they come to depend on Scorpio for emotional support. Scorpio is a sign that cherishes loyalty, and Scorpio recognizes Cancer's dependence as a secure sign of loyalty. Though this thinking could be potentially toxic, Scorpio empowers Cancer with self-assurance, imbuing them with confidence while guiding them to a point where they do not need confirmation from anyone outside of themselves. Scorpio helps Cancer to develop their self-confidence, and overtime, their crabbiness will temper, and their mood will forever remain lighthearted.


Scorpios arrogance sometimes lead them down a path of inaction, who else but Cancer can nag them out of their lazy stupor? Cancer is a motivator and a cheery, positive vibe to contrast Scorpio's dark but chill demeanor. Cancer gets Scorpio out and connected with others socially if it was up to them, Scorpio would only speak to people with something to offer, whether that be wisdom or knowledge. How can Scorpio expect to meet these people if they do not leave the house? Events and activities are Cancer's specialty. They love to do activities together and do not mind planning the whole thing out. At times Cancer can be Scorpios mouthpiece, reacting quickly and aggressively where Scorpio might have waited until a later time to respond, missing an opportunity to sting a foe effectively.


While all these qualities sound lovely together, too much of a good thing can be destructive. When it comes to Scorpio, they must always be vigilant against destructive behaviors. Like babies, not every sign is born fully developed, but the nature of a sign is always present, expressing itself based on each experience that shapes them as they grow. The prestige and power that comes with success allow access to vices that eventually become potentially destructive for Scorpio. An insatiable taste for sex can develop, as well as around the clock consumption of mind-altering drugs. Cancer can unknowingly support this destructive behavior if there own independence has not been firmly established. Cancer will eventually get caught in the life of Scorpio dependent on the security they provide, allowing them to continue destructive habits, unknowingly becoming an enabler. Scorpio needs structure, consistency, and organization to flourish, socially Scorpio wants to trust, loyalty, and deeply. Cancer checks all the boxes for Scorpio in the wants department, but there are still some unchecked boxes in the NEEDS department.

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